Ayurvedic Dietician in Chandigarh

Ayurvedic diet or healthy balanced nutrition is crucial for you. Ayurvedic herbs help you to treat any health issue. Are you looking for an expert Ayurvedic Dietician in Chandigarh?

The body is composed of three doshas, Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha. An unhealthy diet would imbalance three doshas and make you vulnerable to get health problems.

A healthy ayurvedic diet is mainly focused on digestive fire, improvement in digestion, and the metabolism process. An Ayurvedic diet planned by an Ayurvedic dietician is always the easiest and sustainable for everyone to stay healthy and fit.

In the last few years worldwide, the health wellness company boomed in terms of a healthy diet and eating. Positively, the wellness industry made you conscious about what food is good for you and what should be avoided. Even the advertisement and social media by these industries gave awareness to those who never thought what they would have on their plate before realizing that it is healthy for your body.

Ayurveda is the science of healthy life that helps you stay fit and guide you on what to eat. I hope you will understand why an Ayurvedic dietitian is essential for you to stay healthy. The leading cause of health issues in the body is poor digestion and toxins build-up due to faulty resting habits. Ayurvedic dieticians suggest fruits, vegetables, grains, and lentils according to your requirement, which helps in weight loss and prevents you from obesity.

Health and Ayurvedic Diet

You may also think that you are eating healthy every day, but you are still getting health problems. For that, you need Ayurvedic dietician consultation to find out the reason.

Nutritious food is essential to keep your body strong and healthy. A healthy diet or food contains all nutrition required for the smooth functioning of your body.

What Is The Right Ayurvedic Diet For You?

To think about vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fats is right for you. But it is not enough to think only about vitamins and minerals. You have to correct the way of cooking and eating food.

According to Ayurveda, Nutritional values are:

✔ To make easily digestive food, use the correct method of cooking or preparing.
✔ Intake of the right amount supports the digestion or absorption process.
✔ Cook your food always with some beneficial natural spices.
✔ Cook your food according to body constitution, dominating dosa, and according to season.

A healthy diet intake not only nourishes the body cells but along with that, it helps in improving digestion and eliminates the waste from the body. The spices used in the Ayurvedic diet are antioxidant-rich and remove the toxins from the body.

You can’t keep the same balance in an Ayurvedic diet each day. In that case, to balance your digestive fire, an Ayurvedic dietician is essential in your life to stay healthy.

There are Some Outcomes When you Follow an Ayurvedic Diet

✔ The diet plan should always suit your body constitution type (Vatta, Pitta Kapha)
✔ The diet should make a balance in three doshas
✔ Ayurvedic diets support the whole body function
✔ Ayurvedic diet makes you healthy, and it has anti-aging properties
✔ It nourishes the body cells
✔ It improves the circulation of blood
✔ Ayurvedic diet improves the neurological function of the body
✔ It provides strength to bones and muscles

There are some different diet packages planned by an expert dietician to stay healthy and disease-free. Here is the list of them-

✔ Weight or fat loss diet plan
✔ Metabolic syndrome reverse diet
✔ Hormones balanced diet
✔ Pregnancy diet
✔ Postnatal diet
✔ Gut improving diet

Weight or fat loss diet plan: When it comes to body fitness, your primary motive is to lose weight. What is the correct approach to stay fit? Hence it is more important you know the difference between weight loss and fat loss.

The fat loss diet focuses not only on fat loss but also on strengthening the bones and muscles. The Ayurvedic diet planned by an expert Ayurvedic dietician chooses food to boost the metabolism rate and increase fat burning. This fat loss diet plan includes diet Like:-

✔ Cucumber detox water
✔ Oats and porridge
✔ Nuts
✔ Fresh vegetable salad
✔ Lentils and whole grains
✔ Fresh fruits

Metabolic Syndrome Reverse Diet: Nowadays, a human being is clutched by metabolic disorders like obesity, diabetes, hypertension. These problems develop in the body due to the imbalance of body doshas. The food choice to plan a healthy diet for metabolic disorders helps balance doshas and aids in healthy weight loss and improves the assimilation of nutrition in your body. The food choice for metabolic syndrome reverse is-

✔ Dried fruits
✔ Nuts
✔ Seeds
✔ Dried beans
✔ Brown rice
✔ Couscous
✔ Bran

Gut Improving Diet: The gut is the small intestine where digestion and absorption take place inside the body. An unhealthy gut affects the digestion and absorption of nutrients in the body. And due to that, you will become sick. The Ayurvedic diet helps in improving your gut health and boosts digestion and absorption of nutrients.

✔ Fennel
✔ Chia seeds
✔ Beetroot
✔ Papaya
✔ Whole grains
✔ Dark green vegetables

Diet Plan to Stay Healthy According to Ayurvedic Dietician:

Opt 4-6 meals in a day instead of taking three heavy meals. It will prevent you from gas, acidity, and bloating.
Make A habit of early dinner: The habit of early dinner is beneficial to stay healthy. During the night, the digestive system becomes slow. Having a late dinner increases the risk of weight gain.
Drink plentiful water: water keeps you hydrated and removes the toxins from the body.
Eat a lot of fiber in diet: fiber-rich diet is recommended by every Ayurvedic health practitioner to regularize bowel movement and prevent constipation and toxins build up inside the body.

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