How to Increase the Oxygen Level in the Body

Natural Ways to Increase Oxygen Levels in the Human Body

The lungs are vital organs that breathe life into the body by working 24 hours a day. If the body does not get oxygen, our organs can get permanently damaged. To be sure, you can check the normal oxygen level for a healthy person on the pulse oximeter. The fact is, the body’s metabolic functioning gets disrupted if the body does not get proper air to breathe. Moreover, if the oxygen levels dip dangerously low, we can die. Hence, we need to explore ways to increase blood oxygen levels, especially in these COVID-19 times. So, switch to Ayurveda to gain maximum health benefits and improve your oxygen levels with herbs.

Polluted air and Lung Performance 

Lungs require lubrication, proper care, and a balanced diet to work efficiently. We are living in a dirty and polluted environment. It is no surprise that harmful toxic substances diffuse into the respiratory system through the lungs often. The fact is these polluted substances increase the toxicity level of the body. Also, this can lead to fatal situations, sometimes even death. 

The oxygen level volume falls when the quality of air is poor. Don’t let your lungs get damaged, do something about it, now. Follow some common tips and Ayurvedic remedies to feel better and breathe easy.

Symptoms of Low Oxygen Levels in the Body

Lack of oxygen levels in the body can cause low oxygen levels in blood or tissues. This is a very dangerous situation. Rather, if oxygen levels dip below normal, there can be permanent damage to the functioning of the liver, brain, heart, and other organs of the body. Other common symptoms seen due to improper breathing and low oxygen levels are:

❎ Gasping for breath or rapid breathing

❎ Frequent Coughing

❎ Watery eye

❎ Wheezing or a whistling sound while breathing 

❎ Acute Tiredness 

❎ Headache

❎ Bloody or dry nose

❎ Change in skin color. The skin develops a bluish cherry red tone

❎ Sweating

❎ Fast or slow heart rate

❎ Confusion and sluggishness

Breathing Difficulties Due to illness and Age

Coronavirus infection has turned the world upside down because of its debilitating effect on the lungs and human body. In fact, The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an increased demand for oxygen in normal people. Also, the oxygen levels of the sick dipped alarmingly and created unimaginable tough situations. 

Besides this, Breathing difficulties and respiratory complications also increase with age. Anxiety, depression, physical complications, poor breathing reflex, stress, poor energy levels, low immunity, and breathing difficulties are common old-age complaints. But, the normal oxygen level for a healthy person needs maintenance at all costs. 

Why is Oxygen Important?

Oxygen is essential for life processes. In reality, it helps in cell growth and regeneration. It also detoxifies the body, calms the nerves, improves immunity, and feeds the brain.

Protection of Lungs and Improving oxygen levels in the body

At all times, it is important to safeguard your lungs and the respiratory system. Indeed, protect the body from harmful toxins and pollutants in the air. There is no doubt that we need to find some corrective measures on how to increase blood oxygen levels. 

Is taking oxygen supplements the way out? No, it will result in the suppression of the natural response of the lungs. Boost the natural oxygen levels of the body instead of relying on artificial oxygen. 

7 Ways to Increase Oxygen Levels Naturally

✅ Take a good diet enriched in vitamins and minerals to boost the immune system and strengthen the lungs. You can add soya beans, walnuts, broccoli, red kidney beans, carrots, and citrus foods to the diet to uptake the oxygen levels. Also, Increase antioxidants in the body with beetroots, berries, leafy greens, artichoke hearts, and spinach. 

✅ Moreover, our body needs Vitamin F to improve oxygen content in hemoglobin, so add some flaxseeds to your daily meals. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

✅ Physicians advise exercise to keep the lungs healthy. The fact is, this is the ideal way to get rid of wastes and toxins from the lymphatic system. They also say walking and exercising improves the consumption of oxygen and reduces stress. So, walk away, improve your mood and oxygen levels.

✅ Breathe properly: It is important to pay attention to the way you breathe. All you have to do is breathe from the diaphragm and take in air deep into the lungs through the nose. You can do this to increase the oxygen levels in the blood.

✅ Most of the time respiratory complications are because of poor air quality. In reality, Toxin-free clean air, free from environmental pollutants and smoke will help keep the body high on oxygen. 

✅ It is seen that hydration improves cellular functions. The cells in the body rejuvenate and grow so why not hydrate and lubricate  lungs for optimum oxygenation of the body? 

✅ Guru Manish Ji confirms Ayurvedic remedies help improve oxygen level volume for a healthy person by:

✡ Reducing Nasal Congestion

✡ Easing Chest Blockage

✡ Reducing Inflammation of Lymph Nodes

✡ Soothing Irritated Throat

✡ Their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

Furthermore, herbal products such as Astragalus and Pippali increase immunity and Licorice root and Kalmegh reduce inflammation and irritation in the throat. Also, The Vasaka Leaf helps dilate the bronchioles and removes phlegm. As a matter of fact, you can easily lubricate the lungs with hydration and these herbs. Moreover, the herbal remedies offered by Shuddhi and Guru Manish Ji are safe and help reduce respiratory issues. In fact, they help in achieving the ideal oxygen level for a healthy person naturally, so why not try them out? Read Home Remedies To Control Diabetes?


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