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Best ayurvedic doctors are also trying hard to find a cure in these COVID-19 times when we are constantly facing health challenges. Our physical bodies are exposed to plenty of health risks. The environment we live in is home to numerous toxins and harmful microbes. These life-threatening substances come in contact with our bodies and cause illnesses. If the illnesses are left untreated and ignored they end up as chronic body complaints. We need protection at all costs.

How can we stay safe? How can we protect ourselves from diseases? All you have to do is search for a good skilled Ayurvedic practitioner in and around your area to help you out. Ayurveda can help you stay healthy, go for it!

Selection of a good Ayurvedic professional

Do you live in Chandigarh and are you suffering from a chronic illness? Ayurveda can help out. Herbs have amazing healing properties and can keep the human body healthy and rejuvenated. Is choosing the best Ayurvedic doctor in Chandigarh an easy task? Well, there are several options available to us to select. But we have to pick and choose the ideal professional who can deal with our health issues effectively.

The situation is daunting because there are many options. A sensible decision has to be taken. The selection of a good doctor is not easy. However, you can do it if you understand the qualities imperative in a good and skilled Ayurvedic practitioner. A better understanding of these merits will help you make the decision fast, so let’s get started!

Correct diagnostic methods adopted by best ayurvedic doctors:

A good skilled Ayurvedic professional relies on the following methods to diagnose medical conditions in people:

Trividha Pariksha:

Trividha Pariksha

Darshana or inspection:

A good Ayurvedic doctor has a keen eye and carefully observes the skin, eyes, hair, pallor, and tongue. The skilled practitioner can further study other parameters and make a decision.

Sparsana or palpation:

Hands and fingers are used for the physical examination of a patient. The body and its parts are touched to check the consistency, size, texture, tenderness, and location of any growth or bump.

Prasna or questioning:

The best Ayurvedic doctor in Chandigarh asks plenty of questions from the patient because this will help reveal the state of body and mind of the individual. The queries made are regarding the physical and mental condition of the body, symptoms, medical history, etc.

Nadi pariksha or pulse diagnosis:

ayurvedic guruAn Ayurvedic doctor uses his fingers to check on the patient’s throbbing pulse. The index, middle, and ring fingers are placed on the wrist. Further, different levels of pressure are applied to the arteries to diagnose diseases. This is called “nadipariksha”. The Ayurvedic doctor carefully feels the throbbing pulse signals and analyses the patient’s condition with experience and knowledge of Ayurveda. Now, the professional can decide the choice of herbs and herbal extracts for the betterment of the patient.

It is one of the most important ways to diagnose diseases in the body, according to Ayurveda. The pulse indicates the energy sources-Vata, pitta, and Kapha in the body. Checking the patient’s pulse beat provides a skilled Ayurvedic practitioner insight into the general health and diseases prevalent in the body.

Apart from Nadi pariksha, an Ayurvedic doctor examines the tongue, lips, nails, eyes, sweat, facial skin, sputum, lip color and texture, dryness on body, urine, stool, liver, kidney, heart, and stool, etc. Is your doctor following these diagnostic methods?

An Ayurvedic professional provides safe and natural remedies:

An Ayurvedic doctor suggests remedies made from organic and pure ayurvedic herbs. These rejuvenating herbs revitalize the insides and keep the body healthy and energetic. The best thing about Ayurveda is that the remedies are 100% safe and made with the help of Vedic principles. A good doctor recommends Ayurvedic remedies and Panchkarma treatments to provide relief to the body.

How authentic is your Ayurvedic doctor?

Check reviews now! Your decision of the best Ayurvedic practitioner has to be appropriate. You can’t pick the first Ayurvedic professional that your internet research reveals. The Ayurvedic specialist needs to have certification and enlisting on public forums.

You can check out the public reviews on the web before you make your choice. For that matter, you can always pay a visit to the Shuddhi clinic in Chandigarh and interact with the staff working there. They can guide you more about Ayurveda and its miraculous ways.

Graduation and internship

An Ayurvedic professional needs to graduate and complete a 5 year course with proper internship accepted by health services.

Shuddhi clinics

Guru Manish Ji, an Ayurvedic Guru, is the founder of Shuddhi clinics. He believes in Ayurveda and its holistic approach. Symptomatic treatment is a small part of Ayurveda. The human body is the main focus and is treated as a whole. Prevention of diseases and eliminating diseases from roots, is the goal here. Guru Ji believes in serving mankind and people selflessly. Clinics running under his patronage offer therapies at reasonable rates.

Patients are a priority for the doctors working at the Shuddhi clinics. Actually, they have an efficient professional team with the famous ayurvedic doctors in india. Patients need empathy and Ayurvedic expertise which is provided in the total comfort of the clinics run by Shuddhi. The Ayurvedic doctors working at the clinics use Herbal remedies, meditation, yoga, and other natural therapies to make their patients feel better.

Where can we find a good reliable Ayurvedic practitioner in Chandigarh?

The “reliability of the doctor” is the question asked by many. Look no further and head to the Shuddhi clinic in sector 44, Chandigarh. It may surprise you, but there are nearly 160 ayurvedic clinics and two hospitals run by Shuddhi in our country. These clinics are run under the patronage of Guru Manish Ji and strictly adhere to the principles of Ayurveda.

All the staff members are adept in their jobs, and you can easily find the best Ayurvedic doctor in Chandigarh within no time under the name Shuddhi Ayurveda. You can take an appointment online and discuss the case in detail with the best Ayurveda doctors. Rather, you are in the best hands and will soon see an improvement in your body condition.


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