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Are you a coffee lover, tea lover or alcohol lover?

Whatever drink you may like, but do you have any idea what kind of harm can occur from drinking these beverages? In this modern era, people find drinking tea, coffee, and alcohol is a great thing to exaggerate. And, in this holy country, people are more prone to get addicted to these beverages. This addiction increases the risk of serious health issues. To make you understand the value of your health, we are here to share some significant views of an Ayurvedic Practitioner. Likewise, we all know that the ayurvedic health guru offers knowledge and educates people about living a better and healthier life in this kalyug.

And, by reading this amazing blog, you can learn everything about maintaining good health. Also, get awareness about the consumption of coffee, tea, and alcohol. So, if you’re curious and want to know more, dig into the pool of information shared below.

Reasons For Addictive Drinking Of Coffee, Tea & Alcohol?

Tea, coffee, and alcohol are the most popular beverages in the current time. These drinks come in countless varieties. Every single type of drink has its own unique flavour, which attracts the attention of humans. Apart from the combination, tastes, and effects, these drinks are a significant cause of addiction. If you are overconsuming these drinks, then it can cause serious health damages.

In this modern era, everyone is addicted to at least one drink: tea, coffee, or alcohol. Also, these drinks are loaded with caffeine and addictive properties, which make people addicted to drinking. And, it is quite obvious that overconsumption and high-amount of drinking can lead to liver failure, kidney failure, and even heart attack.

Well, these drinks are all about pouring toxins into the body. From teenagers to senior adults are highly addicted to these drinks. So, it is the right time to wide awake and listen to the positive and healthy speeches of the ayurvedic health guru for leading a good life.

What Is Caffeine Addiction?

Caffeine Addiction is the typical type of drug addiction. No doubt caffeine helps to boost mood, concentration, and energy. But, overconsumption can lead to serious health issues. Tea and coffee are the main sources of caffeine. In India, people are highly addicted to the consumption of caffeine. Caffeine addiction can affect mentally and physically. Dizziness, headache, sleep issues, and anxiety are common signs of caffeine addiction.

What Is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is considered a major mental health disorder. A person who is an alcoholic cannot manage their drinking habits, which leads to overconsumption. Likewise, alcoholism can be mild, moderate, and serious. Alcoholism is also termed as alcohol abuse. Feeling the urge to keep drinking more and more is the main sign of alcoholism. Consequently, this addiction can lead to brain defects, cancer, heart diseases and diabetes. To cope with these serious addictions, it is necessary to follow the proper steps advised by an Ayurvedic Practitioner for improving health and lifestyle.

Risk Of Health Hazards

Drinking alcohol, tea and coffee can increase the risk of serious to acute health concerns. These drinks are the real poison for health. To know about the side effects and health hazards caused due to addiction, take a look over the list of information shared below.

1- Insomnia, headaches, high blood pressure, and dehydration are caused by caffeine and alcohol addiction.

2- Anxiety, migraines, muscle pain, nausea, diarrhoea, changes in vision, loss of coordination, impulsive behaviour, drowsiness and blackout can be short term signs of alcoholism.

3- Similarly, a weakened immune system, changes in appetite and weight, Inflammatory damage, hyperglycemia, internal bleeding, heart attack, heart failure, and depression are the serious health hazards that occur due to drink addiction.

Ideology By Ayurvedic Health Guru About Drinking

According to an ayurvedic health guru like Guru Manish Ji, alcohol consumption is Charaka Samhita. And, the word Charaka Samhita means that alcohol and caffeine is a toxin for the body. Guru Manish Ji says that alcohol, tea, and coffee are the drinks that reach to the heart and every organ swiftly and disturb its natural essence.

No doubt these cause agitation or intoxication. Similarly, Ayurveda mentions that mild and lower consumption of these drinks can surely help promote better digestion, relieve stress, and give us good sleep. But, it is important to remember that avoiding alcohol is the best thing to do for sustaining good health.

Likewise, Guru Manish Ji describes that you can consume natural herbal teas and salads, which can help nourish your body with rich nutrients and help to reduce thirst naturally. For blissful sleep patterns, proper organ functioning, and strong immunity, it is advised to avoid the consumption of caffeine and alcohol.

Easy Steps To Tackle Addiction Of Alcohol & Caffeine

Ready to lead a healthy life? So, if you’re ready to say goodbye to alcoholism and caffeine, then you can surely follow some simple steps at home. According to Guru Manish Ji, simple steps depicted by Ayurveda can help to offer side-effect-free relief from these addictions. To know more, check out the details shared below.

1- Get 6 to 8 hours of proper sleep every night
2- Practise meditation and yoga
3- Follow a Healthy Diet pattern
4-Drink herbal teas, lemon water made from ayurvedic herbs for relaxing muscles and reducing anxiety
5- Eat salads more often
6- Concentrate on adopting healthy habits
7- Exercise regularly


We believe now you can precisely choose what to drink and what to eat for maintaining good health. For lifelong wellness and for leading a positive life listening to an Ayurvedic Practitioner like Guru Manish Ji will definitely help you. Thus, you can surely listen to the lucid and informative speeches by Guru Manish Ji and step up to lead a healthy life by following the footsteps of Ayurveda.


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